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AeroShell Fluid 41 is a mineral hydraulic oil manufactured to a very high level of cleanliness, and possesses improved fluid properties. AeroShell Fluid 41 contains additives which provide excellent low temperature fluidity as well as exceptional anti-wear, oxidation - corrosion inhibition and shear stability. In addition metal de-activators and foam inhibitors are included in this high viscosity index fluid to enhance performance in hydraulic applications. AeroShell Fluid 41 is capable of wide temperature range operation.
AeroShell Fluid 41 is dyed red.



U.S.   Approved MIL-PRF-5606H* (both U.S. and European production)  
British   Approved DEF STAN 91-48 Grade Superclean* (European production only) Meets DEF STAN 91-48 Grade Normal (European production only) Equivalent to DEF STAN 91-48 Grades Superclean* & Normal (U.S. production only)  
French   Approved DCSEA 415/A  
Russian   Analogue to AMG-10  
NATO Code   H-515* (equivalent H-520)  
Joint Service Designation   OM-15* (equivalent OM-18)  



AeroShell SSF and LGF are approved for use in the shock struts of the following aircraft:


 Boeing   707/720, 727, 737, 747 (except those using BMS 3-11 fluids), 757, 767 and 777  
 Lockheed    L1011 Tristar  
 McDonnell Douglas    DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, MD-80, MD-11  
 Airbus    CML Code 02-004A (SSF)  

For use in the landing gear shock struts of other aircraft, operators must check with the respective manufacturer first.